Party Beans Website Review & Ratings + Party Beans Coupons
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Party Beans Website Review & Ratings + Party Beans Coupons

Party Beans: Products & Services

Party Beans is a site operated by Gift Moto.  This site allows the customer to create their own custom favors or business gifts.  Customers can choose from a number of items and themes already available, or they can upload their own files with pictures or logos. The gifts available are an assortment of candy containers, boxes of jelly beans, computer UPS cords and aroma sticks.

The items can be ordered filled with candy which includes M&Ms brand candies, Jelly Belly jelly beans, mints or chocolate lentils.  The candy comes in a choice of colors (accept the mints).  Or, the buyer can choose one or two basic colors of candy.  Merchandise can also be ordered without any candy.  Customers then choose a color bachground, texture and gradient of the background.  The order page shows a sample of the finished product.  Items are priced by volume, but amounts as low as one item can be ordered.

Party Beans: Company Background

Party Beans is operated by Gift Moto, Inc, a software company based in Campbell, California.  Besides operating this site as an example of their software, the company also sells software to other companies to host websites to custom order items for their customers.  Some companies that use this product are Jelly Belly, Inc. and Mrs Fields Cookies.  The company was started in 2008 by by Robert Sipko who was trying to fill a niche for custom gifts sold over the internet. 

Party Beans: Customer Feedback & Reviews

I was not able to find much feedback from Party Beans' customers.  The feedback I did see tended to be from blog sites reviewing the product that was sent to the for free by the company.  Here are two examples:

  • The site features positive images of people.  Women want to see not only products, but how people use/react to the product.  The banners flash different occasions giving her ideas of what types of occasions/parties the product can be used for. 
  • I was pleasantly surprised at the products I received!  They are very easy to open, appealing to the eye, and a very nice company to work with. I would recommend Party Beans and their <span "text-decoration: underline;">personalized gifts and party favors  for your next special occasion or a “just because” gift!

Both of these sites like the company quite a lot.

Party Beans: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Party Beans does not have a rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is not accredited by them.  The company that owns them, Gift Moto, is not accredited either.  The company had some media coverage in 2009 when it was new, but does not seem to have very much coverage at this time.  Most of the media coverage was about their easy 4-step customization process and their affiliate program.  I cannot find any complaints or legal issues with this company by previous customers of the company.

Party Beans: Website Popularity & Google Ranking shows that the Party Beans site has about 250 viewers by day.  About 90 other websites link into this site.  Alexa does not have a report on the site since its viewership is so low at this time.  Google Page Rank lists the site as 3/10 due to its ease of use and clear focus.  With some focused pupblicity, this site could easily improve its daily views.

Party Beans: Social Media Presence

Party Beans has a Facebook page with 35 members.  The company places messages on this site on an irregular basis.  I can't find any another social media presence.  The company does have not have a media blog, but does have a newsletter that goes out by email to its customers who sign up for it.

Party Beans: Website Security & Safety

Party Beans uses the latest in SSL security for its website.  The site keeps all pesonal accounts under separate passwords which cannot be accessed accept by the account holder.  No information stored on the company site is available to the public.  Payments through credit cards or by Paypal are encrypted by these companies and are secure.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows no problems have been reported by users of this site.

Party Beans: Pricing & Packages

Here are some price comparisons between Party Beans and other companies that customize gifts and favors.

  • Party Beans:  Items run from about $3.75 to $19.99 for different sized containers and for assorted gifts.  This rate is for one item.
  • MyMMs:  Items run from about $7 to $20 and up for favors - limited customization available.
  • WrappedHersheys:  Items run from $.65 to $2.49 per candy bar; giant bar is $129.
  •  Containers start from about $4 and up. 
Party Beans: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is dependent on the amount of product that is ordered and the shipping location.  The company only ships in the United States, and does have some specials where some items are shipped for free.  Shipping costs are clearly spelled out on the order page to the custumer.  Shipping starts at about $5 per item.  Any problems with shipping should be reported to customer service and to the shipping company for resolution.  Generally items are shipped within 24 hours and take about 5-7 days to arrive.

Party Beans: Payment Methods Accepted

Payment methods are fairly straight forward for Party Beans.  The accept both credit and debit cards.  The credit card companies that they work with are Discover, American Express, Visa and Mastercard.  The company will also take the alternative pay method of PayPal.  Party Beans does not accept cash, check or money orders for its products.  This enables them to ship products within 24 hours of their being ordered in most cases.

Party Beans: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Since all of Party Beans' products are custom made, they do not allow returns unless there is a problem with the merchandise.  If there is a problem, a customer needs to call the company within five days to notify Party Beans of the problem.  Customer service will then direct the customer as to the best remedy for the problem - replacement or exchange for another product.

Party Beans: Product images & screenshots
Party Beans Coupons
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